Mike O'Brien:


Steve Becker:

Steve Becker is an Aquarius who enjoys long walks in the crisp fall air at sunset, but enough of all that noise. Steve is just an average joe, a would-be hack illustrator by trade with a fancy shmancy piece of paper in a frame from PCA&D to not disprove it. In the past Steve has worked with White Wolf for the 6th edition of Gamma World, inked Tim Truman's pencils on a Grimjack miniseries for IDW, and worked a freelance gig with Rockstar Games NYC on the Grand Theft Auto IV add on “The Ballad of Gay Tony”. Most recently Steve has contributed two stories and the back cover art as well as designed the zombie shooting target line of merchandise for Jeff McComsey’s World War 2 zombie comic anthology FUBAR. Steve is also lead background designer on the Atomic Robo: Last Stop animated film currently in production with The Fictory.


Carolyn Belefski & Joe Carabeo


Mike Brace:


Lonny Chant:


Andrew Cohen:

Kevin Czapiewski:


Matt Dembicki:


Eric Gordon:


Troy Jeffrey-Allen, David Dean, Jay Payne:

David Dean
After attending the Maryland School of Art and Design, David Dean became essential in the character designs and cover art that would grace the indie comic series Bamn.
Although now primarily focused on photography, Dean’s pencils can be seen in the anthology series Dr. Dremo’s Horrors of War, as well as, the Boogie Monster comic strip for the Magic Bullet newspaper.

Troy-Jeffrey Allen
Outside of his blog at, Allen is a contributing writer for Comic Book Bin, OfNote Magazine, DC Conspiracy, and Forces Of Geek. Also, he is the co-host of the Menagerie of Kick-Assery podcast with Gene Green. His comic book projects include Bamn, Dr. Dremo’s Horrors of War, Dr. Dremo's Spoils of Crime, and Boogie Monster. His work has been featured in the City Paper, The Baltimore Sun, The Examiner, and The Washington Post.

Marc Bryant and Mal Jones:


Stephen Loya:

Originally from the Pittsburgh, PA region, Steve Loya has been teaching and making his own art for roughly a decade in the NOVA zone. You can find more of his work at

Click here to see "Splotch Monsters" in full color!


Jeff McClelland and Jeff McComsey:

RM Rhodes and Evan Keeling:

Born and raised in Washington DC, Evan Keeling received a BFA in graphic design from the Corcoran College of Art + Design and for the last 7 years has been an exhibit specialist in graphics at the Smithsonian Institutions Office of Exhibit Central.
Evan is also an accomplished illustrator who has worked with a variety of clients. He is a founding member of the DC Conspiracy, a collective of Washington, DC area comic book artists and writers and has been self-publishing comic books for print and for the web over the last five years. Evan has also been one of the principle organizers for the DC Conspiracy’s yearly counter culture Festival for the last four years. He has worked with numerous DC area bands, producing posters, CD covers, videos and t-shirt designs.


Rafer Roberts:

Rafer Roberts is the creator, writer and most of the time artist of  PLASTIC
FARM, a post-ironic new-age horror romance that chronicles one  man's comedic
descent into madness,  despair, and world conquest. Rafer lives in western
Maryland with his  wife and muse and their multitude of retarded cats. He can be
found online at


Jim Rugg:

Jim Rugg is an illustrator, designer, and cartoonist from Pittsburgh. He earned a BFA from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (95-99). He shares a studio with three cats.

His graphic novels and comic collections include Street Angel (SLG Publishing), Afrodisiac (Adhouse Books), the PLAIN Janes and Janes in Love (DC Comics), One Model Nation (Image Comics), and Felicia Day's the Guild (Dark Horse Comics). He has also produced short comics for VH1, New York magazine, True Porn, Meathaus, Cinema Sewer, Strange Tales, the SPX Annual, Project: Superior, Dark Horse Presents, and the Next Issue Project. In 2010, his mini-comic, Rambo 3.5 won the Ignatz Award for Outstanding Mini-Comic.

Comics, editorial, and commercial illustrations and design clients include UNICEF, Converse, Smirnoff, American Red Cross, Capcom, Universal, OC Weekly, Harcourt, Marvel Entertainment, Disney, and many others.

Awards and recognition from the Society of Illustrators, AIGA, Communication Arts, Print magazine, American Illustration, SPX, Creative Quarterly, and Iron City 12 Fantasy Football league adorn his mantle.


Jake Warrenfeltz:


Scott White:

JT Wilkins:

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