UPDATED 05.07.11

Print Run: 5K copies
Pages: 24
Cover: 2-color
Ad pages: 6, including back cover
Comics pages: 16-17

Who should advertise in MAGIC BULLET: Local DC businesses (i.e. comic shops, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, tattoo parlors, book stores, art galleries), comic book creators nationwide, publishers, freelance artists, graphic designers, musicians, people with websites, bloggers, writers, etc.

Note for date specific ads for sales or events: While each MAGIC BULLET has a release date, full distribution is spread out over a few months. An issue released in April may still be in distribution as long as September.

File resolution / format: greyscale should be at least 300dpi / linework should be at least 600dpi. Flattened tif or pdf format ONLY.

Sending final files:
Due to previous issues with compression in email attached files, we now require files to be sent using YouSendIt (or similar service), Dropbox, or by uploading the file to an FTP site. MAGIC BULLET will also have an Upload site available for anyone who may need that. Email for more info.

Purchasing ads for publication: Option 1 - Email A representative will contact you quickly. Option 2 - Visit and go to the ADVERTISE section. Select which type of ad you would like to purchase. After payment is made, please submit your ad using the process above. Option 3 - In person.
***Please contact or Rafer Roberts before purchasing back cover space.***

Payment: Paypal using email address If paying in person with a check, checks can be made out to "Plastic Farm Press". If you'd like to use a credit card, or if you'd like to mail a check, please contact us using that same email address.

Deadlines: 08.15.11 for MAGIC BULLET #3

Purchase ads below. Once payment is made, you will be contacted and instructed where to upload your ads. If you already have your files uploaded somewhere, you can include that information when checking out.

Back Cover 2/C full: $300


Back Cover 2/C half: $200


Full page b&w: $190


Half page b&w: $100


1/4 page b&w: $60


1/8 page b&w: $35