UPDATED 05.07.11

Page size: 10.5"x16

Live area (aka Please draw to these dimensions): 9.5"x15"

Cover artist: To be chosen by editor.

Content: Artists are free to draw pretty much whatever they want and are encouraged to take advantage of the larger page size in order to create something wonderful. There are, however, a few restrictions. 1) Please no cursing or nudity. Sorry. 2) Please make your one page comic self-contained. If you think that you'd like to contribute to multiple issues of MAGIC BULLET and would like to create a recurring character, feel free but make sure that each comic is self-contained. No cliffhangers. 3) All comics must have been created for MAGIC BULLET or can not have been printed anywhere else. We are not interested in being a reprint newspaper.

File resolution / format: greyscale should be at least 300dpi / bitmap linework should be at least 600dpi.
Flattened tif or pdf format ONLY.

Sending final files: Due to previous issues with compression in email attached files, we now require files to be sent using YouSendIt (or similar service), Dropbox, or by uploading the file to an FTP site. MAGIC BULLET will also have an Upload site available for anyone who may need that. Use the email

Submitting comics for publication: MAGIC BULLET has an open submission process. Anyone may submit a comic, however due to limited space and an editorial process that shows some preference to local artists, not every comic may see immediate publication. Please use the email address when sending in submissions. Sending an emailing stating an intent to submit ahead of time is both welcome and encouraged.

Compensation: Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer compensation. Ad prices and sales are designed to cover print cost. We hope that policy will change in the future. Everyone in the paper gets a bunch of copies for themselves though.

Ownership and copyright: All artists maintain ownership and copyright to their characters and comics. Submitting to MAGIC BULLET only gives the newspaper a one-time publishing right.

Deadlines: 08.15.11 for ISSUE 3!

Artists from outside the DC area are also encouraged to pass along information to any of their local establishments that seem like the type of place that would dig carrying MAGIC BULLET

Download this info as a .pdf