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MAGIC BULLET is a free semi-annually published comic newspaper focused on presenting the work of independant and underground cartoonists, with a bias towards DC artists. Each artist is encouraged to take advantage of the larger canvas to cut loose and experiment and to push themselves and the medium.

MAGIC BULLET is distributed mainly in the greater Washington DC area. Copies are handed out for free at various comic conventions, including DC's Small Press Expo, Baltimore Comic-Con, the DC Conspiracy's own Counter Culture Fest, and many others. Copies can also be found in local comic shops, restaurants and bars. At least 1000 copies of the print run are designated to be handed out to MARC and Metro commuters on the first Monday or Tuesday following publication. Stores and venues both inside and outside of DC who would like to carry MAGIC BULLET may do so by emailing

MAGIC BULLET is published through Plastic Farm Press and is presented by the DC Conspiracy. The DC Conspiracy features over 50 members who embody the best of creative comics talent in the DC area. Their work runs the gamut -- from witty and literary works to comics which incorporate action, the mystical, and just plain nonsense. Individually they create, but collectively they work to expand comics readership and fraternity through anthologies, minis, and webcomics.

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